We: Focus on YOU-to us, you are a person They: Focus on size-to them, you are a number We: Pride ourselves on affordable & reasonable fees They: Charge for amenities we provide at no cost We: Provide small class sizes They: Cram 200+ students into lecture halls We: Hire faculty to TEACH They: Hire faculty to research We: Educate the individual and focus on your learning experience They: Educate the masses and focus on their own growth

MPCC Ranks in Top Ten Community Colleges in the Nation MPCC is ranking seventh, 808 College Compared Three metrics compared: student-to-faculty ratio graduation and transfer rate cost of tuition and fees $5,000 amount the average cost of attending a four-year public university has risen in the past decade MPCC was the only Nebraska community college to make the list $2,900 estimated annual in-state tuition and fees 9:1 student to faculty ratio More information about the study can be found at https://smartasset.com/student-loans/best-community-colleges-2017. More information about MPCC and programs it offers is available at mpcc.edu