A career in business isn’t just versatile – it’s secure. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts more than 750,000 new business and financial operation jobs will be needed by 2026 due to globalization, a growing economy and a complex tax and regulatory environment. Even without the anticipated growth – business skills are in demand.

Jessica Eckhout, of Amherst, takes a test at Mid-Plains Community College. Eckhout is currently studying business administration at MPCC.

“Business is part of everything, regardless of the career,” said Angie Chittick, business and office technology instructor at Mid-Plains Community College. “Marketing, accounting, management, customer service, technology – every company and organization needs employees with those skills.”

Kandace Ward, of North Platte, graduated from MPCC in the spring of 2017 with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business and emphases in Accounting and Business Administration.

MPCC offers training for careers in business. One of the options is the Associate of Applied Science degree in Business with an emphasis in Business Administration.

The program prepares students for jobs in the fields of banking, insurance, finance management, office supervision, real estate and sales and marketing. The degree can be completed entirely online. On-site and distance learning options are available as well. 

MPCC also offers a Business Administration Academic Transfer degree, which prepares students for progression to a four-year program. Students gain skills in accounting, management, marketing and business technologies. 

Graduates of both programs tend to leave with more than they bargained for. That includes the abilities to adapt to emerging technologies, collaborate and work as part of a team, think outside the box and apply problem-solving techniques to real-life situations. They also improve their written and verbal communication skills.

“Students end up feeling more confident, not only in themselves, but also in their ability to work with others,” said Chittick. “Business classes provide the foundation to be successful in life. Not only do they enhance employability and develop the critical skills needed to excel in today’s job market – they also help students reach their dreams.”